Fabulous Fujipet!

I know…

I know… we’ve gone a bit overboard with all this “Fujipet Thing”. One post after another… posts in flickr and posts on our blog (which is supposed to be about the Pentamatic)! We just can’t get enough of our little pet.

I imagine some of this has to do with the Fujipet being considered as a toy camera by many citing the plastic lens and simple operation as the basis for their statements. As best we can tell, the original idea behind the Fujipet was to design an attractive and quirky camera that would allow novice photographers to experience the joys of photography… medium format photography with large 6 x 6 cm negatives that enlarge nicely to let’s say 5 x 5 inches. The original brochures and the instruction book clearly point out that the Fujipet was designed for women and children to experience “picture taking” without lugging around pounds of equipment and learning how to read an exposure meter or focus. Point and shoot as they say.


The prints may not be on par with more expensive medium format cameras but they’re not horrible either. The softened edges of the image help to direct the eye towards the center of the picture and gives a somewhat vintage feel to the shot.


For basic 6 x 6 cm photography we completely recommend the Fujipet as a vintage camera that’s worth taking a look at. By the way, we used Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros 120 film and had the film developed and printed with http://www.thedarkroom.com


Having used the Fujipet in the field I can say that it will become a part of our picture taking gear… its ability to capture quality images without a lot of fuss makes it an attractive alternative to more expensive equipment.

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