Yashica Tomioka f/1.2 Lenses…

Another beautiful Tomioka made f/1.2 lens has been spotted. These gorgeous lenses are things of beauty. This one appears to be in outstanding condition inside and out. They are M42 screw mount lenses so they fit a wide variety on SLRs.

tomioka f1.2 lens

Our feeling on these Auto Yashinon 55 mm f/1.2 lenses are that they are worth the price! Most go in the high $800’s to $1100 or more. The serial number is rather low on this one… the 552 is the model number and the 1773 is the production sequence number.


There’s that desirable f/1.2 on the aperture ring.

tomioka tominon aug29.2016

This one looks to be in a bit rougher condition overall with some visible dings. But it’s a Auto Tominon 55 mm f/1.2 lens with Tomioka Kogaku Japan on the lens ring! Double secret nice as it carries the Tomioka name. Still a M42 screw mount lens. Not sure of the serial number… the Auto Yashinon Tomioka lenses start with the model number ‘552’. This one starts with 71 and then what would appear to be a sequence number of 0107. I don’t believe Tomioka built many with their own name on them so it’s likely that this could be number 107.

In our June 20, 2016 post we have a close cousin to the above lens… its serial number is 71 0102 which puts it 5 lenses before the lens pictured above! Not many out there!


And another Auto Yashinon Tomioka made f/1.2 lens… this one has the model number ‘552’ and a sequence number of 0354.

By the way, the yashica model number of ‘552’ indicates that the lens is a 55 mm and has a max aperture of f/1.2… ‘552’.

If you’re a collector of really nice M42 mount lenses, don’t pass up the chance to add one of these to your gear bag.

Thanks for the visit!

Chris & Carol

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