Fuji… just Fuji


Mount Fuji from Yokohama.

That simple four letter word needs no other introduction. Known the world over for its beautiful conical  shape. We were lucky to live in the Naka Ward in Kanagawa Prefecture and would often have this view to our west on a clear evening. Carol and I never grew tired of looking for it whenever we traveled somewhere new – hoping to see it from a new vantage point. These images are but a few of the hundreds of images of Fuji. They are in no set order and all were taken from 1977 to late 1979. Primarily shot with a Canon F-1 (1978 version) and a Canon AE-1.


Our go to film while living in Yokohama. Kodachrome holds up well over the years when properly stored.


Freezing cold and crystal clear winter day near the base of Fuji.


Carol enjoying the view and freezing to death while doing so.


Canon F-1 with FD 80-200mm zoom lens at 200mm.


Road trip to Fuji-san.


A reminder that Fuji is an active volcano.


Fuji sunset as seen from the hill behind our home in Yokohama.

We never had the chance to climb Fuji while we were there. The constant deployments of my Navy ship kept me on an unpredictable schedule and made it impossible to find the time during the climbing months. Maybe we will have a chance – we are always hopeful.

Many thanks for your visit.

Chris and Carol

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