Yashica AIII – Rare Gray on Gray 1959

Very uncommon Yashica twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera – made in October 1959. This one is in beautiful dove gray leatherette and machinery gray metal. Designed for and sold in the Japanese domestic market and for export to Europe. Focusing scale is in meters only on this version. Others have dual scales.


The serial numbers on the camera match the guarantee card. 

⇑ Complete set as it would have appeared for sale in Japan. This amazing 57 year old beauty still functions perfectly! The shutter speeds are spot on, the focus is sharp and the Tomioka lenses are crystal clear. It does have a few spots of corrosion and discoloration on the aluminum and steel body parts – Japan has a warm and moist climate that wasn’t always friendly to old cameras.


Rare no hood logo.

⇑ The dove gray leatherette is tight and complete (a few minor stains) and the darker gray metalwork retains its factory sheen. The camera inside is clean as well with only minor dust seen when looking through the viewing hood.

The gray (and other colored cameras) from Yashica are always super collectible. We were very lucky to acquire this complete set. We have the original box but it has seen much better days. Perhaps a small restoration is in order.

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Chris and Carol


2 thoughts on “Yashica AIII – Rare Gray on Gray 1959

    1. Thanks! We’re a pushover for these gray on gray ones. I’ve actually got the viewing hood off on this one – trying to adjust a crooked view hood from a broken spring. What a fun project for the past 2 hours! Since I have the hood off, I cleaned the underside of the ground glass focusing screen. Since that was off, I took out the reflex mirror and cleaned it gently with liquid dish soap and lots of warm running water. Good as new. Now, to get it all back together. ^.^

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