Marseille to Sisteron & Gap by Train – 1986

As part of my ship’s port visit to Cannes, France, I was able to take an all too short trip to Marseille from Cannes and then on to Sisteron. Not quite the full French Alps but close. A charming little town with some nice views of the mountains. Unfortunately I had to be on the next train heading back south so I at best had only an hour to walk about.

The quality of the scans are not the best as satin paper does not scan well at any resolution. All images were taken with my Canon F-1 (1978 Version) on Kodak Kodacolor negative film.



Marseille train station?









Pretty sure that this was at the train station in Sisteron. Although I could have made it all the way to Gap.


I didn’t take notes as I shot these images – 31 years later I can’t recall exactly where they were in Sisteron or were they in Gap?

All the best and thanks for your visit! Oh by the way, if you recognize any of the scenes please let me know where they are. Thanks


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