Our Cat – ‘Avon’ 1977

One of the last good images I was able to take of our cat Avon enjoying some warm sunshine by our front door. He was a found kitten, starving but friendly (aren’t all hungry kitties friendly?). He was found along Carol’s Avon cosmetics route in Pensacola, Florida back in 1975. A Tom Cat with a silly name but it fit him. He ran off from our new house in Yokohama, Japan and he either lost his way or was taken in. I don’t think of the other possibilities.

Original image taken with my Yashica TL Electro-X on Kodak Ektachrome 64 color slide film and the matte finish print of the transparency was dry mounted. The scan is of the print (flaws and all) with my Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II scanner.

Say hello to Avon.


Full uncropped image taken with my Fujifilm FinePix S9900 under studio lighting vice a scan. The marks are on the print. I like his tone and tint better here (below).


Thanks for the visit!

Chris and Carol

6 thoughts on “Our Cat – ‘Avon’ 1977

  1. That’s how I lost my first cat. We had some relatives spending some time in the summer house, and he didn’t like one of them. He made sure we knew this but, seeing we did nothing to rectify the situation, he decided to un-adopt us and run off. I’d love to try again, but at the moment we do more traveling than a kitty can take, I think.


    1. Oh no. So sorry to hear that. Yeah kitties and “new surroundings and new people” aren’t a good mix – they don’t like being left alone either. We have 3 aging cats now – Zoe a cranky Siamese mix, Pirate a loveable tuxedo tom and Sukoshi a sweet but dumb rescue kitty. We’ll be done when these 3 pass on.

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