Fujicaflex Automat – Fuji Photo Film’s 1st TLR – 1954

Vintage camera wish list item 101.

The Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., Fujicaflex 


Designed to incorporate the best features that were available in the medium format twin-lens reflex camera market, the Fujicaflex debuted in 1954 – at a very premium price, we might add. While surfing today, we stumbled upon this wonderful site from Fujifilm Europe. You can check it out here

It’s nice to see a large corporation like Fujifilm blog about some of the really cool cameras that helped make their company great. In another blog, they go on to talk about the amazing Fujipet from 1957.


For more about this wonderful camera, take a trip here too to see Mr. Yoshinobu Koyasu’s camera collection… it is not to be missed!

It’s certainly interesting to read (Fujifilm Europe’s blog) – the older posts that pay tribute to the cameras of their roots are so interesting.


My Fujicaflex acquired in 2018 from a collector in Thailand. Finally!

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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6 thoughts on “Fujicaflex Automat – Fuji Photo Film’s 1st TLR – 1954

  1. I love TLRs and I thought I was at least familiar by name with most of the TLRs produced by the bigger names in the photo industry at the time, but I had never heard of Fujicaflex. Thank you for sharing the links!

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  2. You are most welcome! There’s 3 up for bids on Yahoo Japan right now! That’s extremely rare to say the least. I think I may go for it but they’ll probably bring a thousand or more each plus crazy shipping. That will be the cut-off for me (lol, my Mrs. would say much lower!).

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  3. Wow, $1000.00+? That’s kind of crazy for an old TLR. I’m guessing that the price is driven by the rarity of them. Although I’ve seen some of the more highly sought after Rolleiflexes go for five digits.

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