Yashica Pentamatic Lenses – Update 8.27.2017

Some updates.

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As Yashica was designing their first 35mm single-lens reflex camera during the Summer of 1959 (with help more than likely from the newly acquired Nicca Company) they faced another challenge… since it was decided to use an exclusive lens mounting system (Pentamatic bayonet mount) and not go with the more common M42 screw-in mount, they put Tomioka Optical Company in a bit of a spot.

Tomioka was their exclusive lens supplier through the 1950s but Tomioka also supplied a wide variety of lenses to other manufacturers as well. That meant that Tomioka would have to start building a new lens series with an exclusive mount very quickly in order to have enough lenses available to meet the demands of a new camera hitting the marketplace by the Spring of 1960.

Here is but a small collection of Pentamatic lenses that were available in the early 1960 time period.

020 One of…

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Amelia Island – Eclipse


At around 2:30 PM local time – 91% coverage. 

This was the most exciting image I was able to get at the “height” of the solar eclipse here in extreme Northeast Florida. It did get darker and with the cloud cover made for some interesting lighting. A steady light rain with some occasional thunderstorms made for excellent viewing.

Oh well.

Yashica-Tomioka 75-230mm f4.5 Zoom Lens

One of Yashica’s largest zoom lenses – from the mid 1970s. M42 mount. Beautiful lens in mint condition with the original box and all papers. We’re waiting on our M42 to Fujifilm X adapter to arrive. Can’t wait to see what this can do on the Fuji X body.

auto yashinon zoom 75-230mm

auto yashinon zoom box

ay zoom

ay zoom lens

It’s a large lens that’s easy to focus when mounted to the TL Electro X ITS body with its bright viewfinder. It might be a tad overwhelming when mounted to the Fujifilm X-A10. We’ll see.

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