ABBA / Arrival – Japan

Here’s one of our favorite groups ever! and this LP is still in its original sleeve from the record store in Yokohama (Motomachi) that we purchased it from in 1977.


It seemed fitting that we would purchase this album upon arriving to commemorate year one of our three years in Japan. At ¥2500 it was about $17! Big time money in 1977!


Actually BA AB


For your money you received a protective sleeve and the complete lyrics as well as an enhanced pressing.



A simple time for simple music!

Chris and Carol ^.^

Japanese Pentamatic II Brochure

Sales brochure from early 1961. Rather rare (here in the US and I’m sure everywhere now) sales brochure for the Yashica Pentamatic II. It appears now, after much research and blind luck, that the Pentamatic II was for sale only in Japan and only for a few months. Studies of the body serial numbers and of the serial numbers of the exclusive lens for the Pentamatic II (many thanks to my friend Paul Sokk of fame) confirms this finding.


The Japanese market sales brochure from February 1961. Also pictured is the Pentamatic S from our collection.

It’s still a mystery to us as to why the Pentamatic II never made it to markets outside of Japan and why it was only available for a short time before the model S was released. Short of being able to interview a former member of Yashica’s marketing team, we may never know. We’re still searching for a Yashica sales brochure in English with the Pentamatic II featured. Obviously we’re also interested in sales brochure from any country outside of Japan for proof. Do you have one? We’d love to see anything – even an ad would be nice.

Many thanks!

Chris & Carol

David Levy Yulee – 1856 Fernandina

U.S. Senator David L. Yulee was instrumental in bringing the first railroad to Fernandina, Amelia Island – Florida. That railroad still operates today.


Mr. Yulee waiting for his train.


For the most part, these tracks follow the same path that they did back in 1856.


Downtown Fernandina Beach as it looks today – Fernandina’s history closely follows the success of the railroad (or lack of it) to its present day look.



Statue of David L. Yulee

Although Senator Yulee is credited with many great accomplishments during the mid to late 19th century he remains a troubling figure. He gave up his seat in Congress when the Civil War broke out and his famous railroad was built on the backs of slaves. The Union Army took out most of his rolling stock on the west coast of Florida and even fired at Yulee’s train as it left Fernandina for the last time during the early stages of the war. The town of Yulee, Florida (nearby) is named for him as is Levy County, Florida.

Mr. Yulee was a prisoner held at Fort Pulaski (near Savannah, Georgia) for about 9 months following the war in 1865 – more than likely because of his support for the Confederacy .

Hybrid Camera: Fujifilm X-A10 with Canon FD 24mm f2.8 lens

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The Hoyt Building – c1876

Built in late 1876 as a two story building with a ground floor grocery, the Hoyt Building is located along historic Centre Street in downtown Fernandina Beach. It was rebuilt after a minor fire in 1901 adding a third story. It is a vibrant part of this beautiful Victorian seaport town to this day.


The Hoyt Building c1876 – Centre Street, Fernandina Beach

Beautiful Victorian details have been preserved into “modern” Fernandina.


Images 1 and 2 above taken with Fujifilm X-A10 and Canon FD 24mm f2.8 lens


Fujica GW690 on Neopan Acros 100 film


Hoyt Building (far left) as seen in this late 1960s early 1970s image


The Hoyt Building (far left) shortly after adding the third story in 1901

Hope you enjoyed our little tour of this lovely town that time passed by.

Chris and Carol ^.^

c1911 Post Office – Amelia Island


Fujifilm X-A10 with Canon FD 24mm f2.8 (above image)


Fujica GW690 – 6x9cm medium format film camera by Fuji Photo Film

EBC Fujinon f3.5 90mm lens on Neopan Acros 100 film (above image)


Yashica L AF 35mm compact camera on Fujicolor Superia 400

c1911 U.S. Post Office, Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island – Florida

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