Our little kitty…

Our little kitty, Sukoshi, passed away this morning. What a fun cat she was and it goes without saying that she will be missed –


Always the most difficult of our three cats to get a picture of – she was always on the go!





She joined our family as a kitten back in the summer of 2003 and was our daughter’s cat. Daughters grow up and out so it’s really the parents that take care of the kitty (it was always fun!).

So sad to see her go.

Peace little one…

Chris and Carol ^.^

4 thoughts on “Our little kitty…

    1. Thanks, Pam. Kitties are always a mixed blessing – they drive you crazy one moment and then snuggle on your lap the next. Looking at her pics that I posted, she looks so serious. She was playful, sweet and loving – I just never was able to “catch” her in a picture being that. ^.^


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