We Want Our Flag to Fly High Evermore – Stop this Assault on America – We Have a Right to Exist!


1791 – That’s when the Second Amendment was ratified. Without going into the details of the wording of a document written over 225 years ago, no sane person today should ever use the word “arms” to mean the “war weapons” that Americans can purchase and use today – high velocity, high rate of fire, killing machines (there were no wounded in Sandy Hook Elementary School – only dead children and teachers) and an almost unlimited supply of bullets and magazines that can be changed out in a matter of seconds. Totally insane! We are being held hostage by the words of ghosts! I don’t want to hear your argument about it – the writers of the Bill of Rights could NEVER foresee what “arms” would become just as we can’t see what the future of weapons will be in let’s say 1, 5, or 10 years from now. They would be appalled and shocked to the core that this Amendment hasn’t been updated to reflect the changing technology of modern weapons.

Every day in this country Americans die from a bullet – self-inflicted deaths, drive-bys, domestic violence, accidental shootings and now almost monthly (weekly?) mass shootings in schools, churches, concerts, and streets. STOP. Get the ineffective and corrupt politicians out of office who take money from gun lobbyists and prefer to protect their bank accounts more than our children!

Students should boycott schools until Congress changes the laws. Walk out of school – you wouldn’t work in an unsafe environment and our children shouldn’t either! Could you imagine the power of MILLIONS of students on a general strike until their demands are met! That’s the power of a citizen.

We will join the student protests across America and support law enforcement, school administrators, students, teachers, parents, and citizens who want America to stop these daily tragedies NOW – once and forever!

An immediate moratorium is needed on the sale of these weapons – now – no more “it’s a mental health issue”, it is “our right to exist issue” – free from the terror of the waiting for the next one to happen.

Peace and all the love in our hearts for our fellow Americans.

C&C ^.^

7 thoughts on “We Want Our Flag to Fly High Evermore – Stop this Assault on America – We Have a Right to Exist!

    1. Maybe the kids can be the force of change to enact a ban on these stupid weapons once and for all. March 14 at 10 am, a 17-minute “walkout” of school is planned to call attention to the need for effective gun control and to remember those recently lost. We will join them!

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