Another one bites the dust – more destruction = less trees

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Former residential property is now commercially zoned along a quiet stretch of Sadler Road here on Amelia Island. With proper tree protection zones established around the massive oaks on the front of the property, these trees may make it through the construction process – but as you can see in this image, destruction is in progress with NO tree protection barriers in place! Soil is also being dumped over the existing grade which tends to suffocate the tree’s root system.

These 5 beautiful oaks need immediate protection from the destruction-construction process. The City of Fernandina Beach has tough tree protection ordinances on the books but at this moment, it would appear that some of those codes may have been broken. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust – more destruction = less trees

    1. Actually, I have. ATM I’m awaiting a response from the city. As I understand the plan, no other trees will be removed from the site and only one large but diseased oak was removed from the center of the lot. What my main concern now is that the remaining trees are given a fair chance of surviving the construction process. We see this over and over on the island – generally about one to two years after the project is completed is when the trees that were left die (if not protected) and then get replaced with smaller 3-inch diameter trees in their place.

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