Shame on US!!!

The country that I love, the country that I swore to protect with my life for 22 years in the United States Navy and the country and her people that I would still give my life for today is NOT THE SAME country that I know!


MY country does not rip children from their parents under any circumstance! Never! But it’s happing now is this new sick twisted reality of today’s America.

Put a stop to this barbaric situation now! There is no excuse for such heartless inhumane treatment of these families. Stop it now! This is what desperate dictators do. They divide people and demonize anyone that thinks or is different. It’s not the real America.

Call your representatives and tell them to stop it now. No negotiating the lives of families. It’s a sick thing to do enforced by only sick people and only evil-minded people would even think of doing it.

Thank you.

Chris and Carol

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