Nikon’s Little Gem – the EM

It doesn’t get any simpler than this – Nikon’s little gem, the Nikon EM. This one is mated with a sweet Series E 28mm f2.8 wide angle lens. If you like compact easy to use 35mm SLRs then you’ll love this guy!

nikon em logo

This lovely set is available directly from our online store at for a very reasonable price. It’s a one owner camera that’s been gently used over the years. I’ve inspected it, tested it (fresh batteries included), and lightly cleaned it. Oh, and the old sticky foam light seals have been removed. You get to install new ones – easy to do and readily available.

***SOLD! One hour after listing it! Thank you!

nikon em 2 logo

Per the Nikon EM owner’s booklet, here’s a list of the Nikon and Nikkor lenses that will work with the EM. Chances are you already own one or more of these lenses. I’ve included the Series E 28mm f2.8 with this camera (notice that it’s not on the list) as it came out shortly after the EM was released.

nikon lenses

Of course, opinions are all over the map concerning this camera from not worth it to love it. Die-hard Nikonites hated it when it came out (1979-1982) but some people loved it because they finally had an affordable platform for their Nikkor lenses. The EM is an aperture priority camera – you pick the f-stop and the camera picks the shutter speed. I know, some people hate that but if you use 400 films in daylight seldom will you run into problems.

Streetfighter! Do you like street photography? Throw in some Neopan Acros, set the wide angle lens on infinity and select f8 or f11 and snap away! It’s small, lightweight, black, and quiet – perfect for the streets!

Well, there you have it – a neat little Nikon that won’t break the bank. You’ll get everything pictured so there’s lots of little bonus goodies included. Pop on over to and give it a spin. You may see something else to your liking.

Thank you!


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