Battery Burner – Canon’s Massive Motor

When you chase down something for over forty years the payoff should be special – it was! It’s not like these beasts are rare, if I had had a few more bucks in my pocket back in 1978 I could have purchased it for around $400 at the Navy Exchange in Yokosuka along with my F-1. But being an underpaid and over-deployed Sailor there’s only so much money to throw at cameras when there were hi-end stereos still to buy. ^.^

DSCF8783 logo

No one I knew at the time (including myself) needed one of these – they were meant for professional photographers and I was certainly not that. But how could a 25-year-old “camera bug” not want it? Just look at it! Crazy big but powerful and that sound it made when burning through film at 3.5 fps – wow! The F-1 was already a monster to lug around and this bit of motorized mayhem would add over 2 pounds to an already strained neck.

DSCF8798 logo

Yum-yum, eat ’em up!

So after 40 years I broke down and bought my Canon Motor Drive MF on eBay from a large camera retailer on the West Coast. I believe I got it at a great price – $60 plus shipping for a fully working and in nearly mint condition. I’m very happy with it and yes, it’s still a ridiculous piece of camera hardware but it harkens back to another time and place in photography and that makes it worth it.

DSCF8796 logo

It’s almost as big as the camera itself!

DSCF8794 logo

A gentle reminder that when in the continuous mode that the shutter speed range is from a low of 1/60 to a max of 1/2000. Single frame allows shooting down to 1 second.

DSCF8793 logo

It looks great on my original F-1 from 1978 and it’s a fun reminder of those heady days back in Japan when I wanted anything that could be attached to the F-1. After 40 years it just feels right! Merry Christmas to me.

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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2 thoughts on “Battery Burner – Canon’s Massive Motor

  1. Beautiful! A while ago I thought of shooting with my Nikon F3 and it’s similar motor drive. I changed my mind after I put the batteries in and tried to pick it up. Instead I stuck a roll of ng film in it and listened to that marvelous sound (at home)!

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