Pentamatic vs. Pentamatic S – Yashica’s Heavyweights

It’s time to revisit this post as it introduces new readers to the “wonders” of the Pentamatic series of SLRs from Yashica. Chris

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

The Pentamatic was Yashica’s first single-lens reflex (SLR) and was released in 1960 (May-June) timeframe. The Pentamatic S was released about mid to late 1961. Not much changed between the two – the S model added a built-in self-timer and most notably, a provision for mounting an exposure meter to the top right of the camera that coupled with the shutter speed dial. Other small changes were to add lugs for holding the neck strap (moving them from the extreme right and left sides of the body on the Pentamatic to a more typical front mounting on the S). Unseen from the exterior is a change to the focusing screen inside the pentaprism. The original fresnel screen in the Pentamatic was replaced with a split image screen in the model S. For me, that change makes the Pentamatic S much easier to focus and improves the brightness inside the viewfinder.

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A Flash from the Past

DSCF9264 (2)

I picked up a box full of these vintage light bulb sized flashbulbs the other day as part of a camera purchase (Graflex Super Speed Graphic 4×5). The seller of the camera added them in as an afterthought. Looking at the screw-in bases I wonder how many people have put these in a regular lamp socket “for fun”? Not recommended as it would more than likely cause the bulb to explode and trip the circuits in the house (if it didn’t burn it down first)!


I’m thinking these things flash pretty brightly

Once I get the Graflex up and running I’ll probably give one of these a try. By the way, this batch is available in my shop at if you’d like to add some vintage bulbs to your collection.

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