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Yashica’s Little Radio – still rockin’ at 60!

From 1959 – one of two transistor radios Yashica introduced in late 1959. This one, the YT-100 was priced at $34.95 which was big bucks back in the fifties!


Works like a charm! 


1950s tech from Yashica and proudly advertised that it was manufactured in Tokyo, Japan even though the camera factories were in Nagano Prefecture (Suwa and Shimosuwa). There’s a chance that Yashica assembled their electronics in Tokyo at an unknown to me factory or they simply wanted to flaunt their business and marketing headquarters which was in Tokyo. A cool little thing from a time long ago. Here’s the copy from an advertisement –

From Yashica’s ad for this radio in Life magazine – December 1959
6-Transistor Pocket-Portable Radio
“Powerful little receiver with built-in antenna and loudspeaker.
Fits pocket or purse. Works everywhere – indoors and outdoors;
brilliant, clear reception – superb tone. With battery,
carrying case and miniature earphone for private listening. $34.95″

A bit of marketing hype but hey they were proud of their radio!

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Studio camera – Fujifilm X-A10 with Fujinon Aspherical Lens XC 16-50mm f/3.5

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