Yashica’s First Radios – 1959

Most people don’t realize that Yashica made a wide range of electronic and electrical items in the 1950s.

Although I’m not sure that these were completely assembled at Yashica’s factory in Nagano Prefecture. They were known as a maker of fine twin-lens reflex (TLR) film cameras during much of the 1950s, but Yashica made and sold 8mm movie projectors and editors as well so it would seem logical that they would make some early consumer products – in this case, the Yashica YT-100 and the bigger and more powerful YT-300.


The YT-100 on the left and the YT-300 on the right


Not often seen together as these have become extremely hard to find 60 years later


The last time these two were photographed together as the YT-100 sold yesterday to another collector. Thank you for your purchase and enjoy your radio!

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