random post – expo 67 Montréal

expo 67 girl hd

One of my first cameras – Kodak Instamatic 

Poster: Rendez-vous à Montréal—Bring your camera! / Affiche : Rendez-vous à Montréal – Apportez votre appareil!

So 1960s!

expo girls

Hostess uniforms of Expo 67 / Uniformes des hôtesses d’Expo 67

I still have the camera and somewhere I have my Expo 67 Passport. I was 13 years old when me and my mom went. We stayed in an apartment in Montreal for two weeks – lots of fond memories.

kodak instamatic 100

Technically my first camera. I got it for Christmas 1963 and I’ve taken hundreds of images with this thing over the early years. It still works!

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris


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