Modern Marvel – Canon’s little digital IXY

2003 seems like a lifetime ago with what all that’s happened since then. In the field of electronics, specifically digital photography, the changes and advancements have been monumental.

Take this groundbreaking digital camera from Canon. Released towards the end of 2003, the Canon IXY Digital L as it was known in Japan (Canon PowerShot SD10 Digital ELPH here in the US) listed at an amazingly high price of $349! For that amount of money you got a sharp fixed 6.4mm f/2.8 Canon lens and 4.1 megapixels. The images were recorded on a standard SD card (only the second Canon digital to do that) hence the US name ‘SD10’.

Canon’s ultracompact digital beauty.

This tiny camera was offered in four colors – this one is Piano Black.
Bright and sharp 1.5 inch LCD screen. Here’s an example of a near macro shot of my keyboard.
Every version of this camera carries the same model number – PC1060. A pocket-friendly 3/4 inch profile with the lens retracted.
Now this is tiny!

What surprises me the most about this camera is the quality of the images. It’s amazing what 4 MP can do with a tiny CCD sensor and high-quality Canon optics. Here’s a few samples below.

A high-contrast scene was still rendered correctly albeit with a rather slow autofocus.
The Canon 6.4mm lens gives a nice 39mm equivalent in 35mm.
Talk about a dusty keyboard! Close-up shot with auto flash. Not bad for such a tiny camera.

If you like collecting older digital cameras then this one is a must. I’m not quite sure how I ended up with the Japanese market model vice the common US model. In markets outside Japan and the US the camera is known as the Digital IXUS i.

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