When batteries attack and other shop notes – 7.27.19

It’s always good to review the reasons behind checking your classic cameras and photo gear for batteries. It doesn’t take long for an unused battery to start leaking which will eventually ruin your stuff.

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

I purchased a large collection of vintage photogear this week and of course, they’ll always be some victims of battery leakage mixed in. We’ve all been victimized by this process – we leave a battery (mostly alkaline) in a seldom-used camera, remote or toy only to discover that it doesn’t work when we go to use it. Even fresh batteries installed in a device can leak and corrode the battery compartment in as little as weeks! That’s right, I said weeks.

assets_icons_iconwarninginverted Caution!

20190719_161148 This battery compartment was so bad that I had to dig out the AA batteries with a screwdriver!

20190719_161322 The corrosive acid from the battery destroyed the battery compartment cover and latch.

20190727_103613 The same camera with the corrosion removed and the compartment door repaired. The camera is fully operational again. It’s still a bit ugly but at least it works.

20190727_084656 Electronic flash units are notorious for finding battery corrosion…

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