Monster cars from Detroit – 1969

I just found a Life magazine from September 27, 1969, that was loaded with new car advertisements (which is to be expected in a September issue). Car manufacturers introduced their new model cars typically in the early fall. Here are some “land yachts” from Detroit.

Actually the two smallest cars from Chevy for 1969.
Another monster from GM. Wide-Track Pontiac Grand Prix.
Look familiar? It’s the same platform over and over again – just different body designs – huge 2-door cars.
The same car over and over again. Looks just like the Caprice, doesn’t it?
1969 Ford LTD

In 1970 I worked with a guy who had this vehicle and in the small shopping center where we worked, he could never find a spot to park his monster.

Here is the issue of Life magazine that these cars ads are from.

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