Olympus Superzoom 70 (zoom 2000)

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This camera from 1993 was a cheap charity shop purchase. I had a feeling I had tried an example before, but checking my camera post list didn’t reveal it. You can find all the technical details you require here and a manual here.

When I first started using film again…and obsessively trying cameras, Olympus was my number one love. They are still up there and I was happy to find this example. It is big and bulky, with a limited aperture selection of f4.5-7.8, but I liked it straight away. The zoom isn’t much to talk about and I ended up leaving it on 38mm for most of the shots. It is comfortable to hold despite the bulk. You can turn the flash off, but it resets once you turn it off and on again. Best of all you have a choice of battery options.

After trying another camera

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