eBay is funny (but they don’t make you laugh)

I’ve been on eBay since 2003 and a regular seller since 2008. During this time I’ve been a “Top Rated Seller” and in the old days, a “Power-Seller”. What’s the advantage of being a top-rated seller? Well, they place a little logo next to your seller ID, you get a reduction in some of your final value fees, and you get to be compared and judged against other sellers with higher sales figures and often higher negative feedback ratings. In order to qualify, you must maintain at least 100 sales during a twelve-month period with a minimum of at least $1,000 in transactions. So, if you have 99 transactions and $5,000 in sales and no negative feedbacks you wouldn’t qualify because negative feedback isn’t really that important to them in the long run. But let’s say you have 3,000 transactions, $20,000 in sales, and a bunch of negative feedbacks from your customers you could still be “Top Rated”. Here are a few recent messages I’ve received from eBay –

This is crazy – why tell me that I had no cases and still need to improve?
How’s this for a roller coaster ride?

To say the least this is a confusing mess. I was Top Rated and then I wasn’t with no defects and no negative feedback comments. I sold 99 items (over a 12-month period) with just under $5,000 in sales. eBay charges about 12 to 15% so they made a nice profit from me.

These numbers only reflect feedback received – many buyers don’t take the time to leave feedback
Positive feedback is a good thing but not necessarily in eBay’s eyes.

I’ve started to list fewer items for sale on eBay and as I have a majority of my cameras and lenses on Etsy (www.ccstudio2380.com) and on my Mercari site. BTW, Etsy charged only 5% but will start charging 6.5% in April. It’s still a deal compared to eBay’s 12-15%.

Here is how Etsy rewards sellers (below).

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! – Chris

Comments are always welcomed as I’ve learned quite a bit from reader feedback. As always, thanks for stopping by, and while you’re at it, feel free to visit my camera shop at http://www.ccstudio2380.com (CC Design Studios hosted by Etsy). – Chris Whelan

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