Yokosuka to Yokohama – take the red train!

Hey, they’re all red! What gives!?

That’s what we were told to do. Go to the Yokosuka train station on the Keihin Kyuko line and take the red train to Yokohama, it’s the fastest way to get there. The only problem, all the trains were red in the late 1970s. But what they meant was to look for the trains with the red kanji in the upper corner of the sign board. There were black kanji trains, green, blue, and red. The black trains were locals so that meant over an hour or more to get to Yokohama and a stop at every station along the way. The greens were the best since they only stopped twice before getting into Yoko. I don’t recall what the blue trains did or where they went.

The train timetable sign at Yokosuka Central Station.

The colors indicated when that train would leave the station. The greens were the best followed by the reds. When I was stationed in Yokosuka on the USS Midway we always wanted to get off in time to catch the 1455 or the 1515 green train to Yokohama (where we lived). There were plenty of times I’ve sprinted from the base main gate through Yokosuka to catch a green train as it would cut about 30 minutes off the commute home. Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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2 thoughts on “Yokosuka to Yokohama – take the red train!

  1. On the timetable posted that was located at the Yokosuka Station for trains on the Keihin Kyūkō (京浜急行 line, reads – Travel times shortest to Longest: Green Fast Limited Express (快速特急, Kaisoku Tokkyū), in Red Limited Express (特急, Tokkyū), Blue Commuter Express (通勤特急, Tsūkin Tokkyū, Black Local (普通, Futsū). When was the film photo taken?

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