Super HAD CCD Sony – what?

Released in 2005, this Sony is a stunning performer thanks to its ‘Super HAD CCD’ sensor.

What is ‘Super HAD’? Hole-accumulation Diode Technology. As CCD sensors got smaller and resolution increased, Sony placed “on-chip microlenses” directly on top of each pixel on the CCD which have been able to gather and focus more light directly onto the individual pixels. From Sony – “By optimizing the shape of the on-chip microlens we have reduced the invalid area between each individual pixels’ microlens, and therefore have also reduced the amount of incident light lost.” What Sony’s Super HAD Technology means is a signal-to-noise ratio improved by 3 to 4 dB giving a clearer, crisper, and more natural high-quality digital image.

Straight from the camera. At 7.2 megapixels this image is more than acceptable, in fact, I like it over images of the same subject taken with much higher resolution cameras with bigger sensors (including full-frame sensors). To me, it looks like an image taken with a film camera.
Image captured with my Canon EOS R 30 megapixel CMOS mirrorless camera with a Canon RF 70-200 f4L IS USM lens. Admittedly this lens is not known for its close-up abilities so it’s not necessarily the best lens for this test. The lighting had changed by the time I shot this image over the previous image taken with the Sony.
If you’re interested in returning to using a digicam with a CCD sensor then you may find my Sony to be just what you want. I’ve added it to my camera shop CC Design Studios at
Happy Earth Day pic.

I believe the combination of superior Carl Zeiss optics and Sony’s Super HAD CCD sensor makes this a sleeper in the compact point & shoot digicam market. By the way, when new in 2005 it listed for $399 MSRP. In 2005 dollars that was a pretty expensive camera (even in 2023 that’s expensive).

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