Yashica Quick-Lite Electronic Flash

We’ve recently added this wonderful electronic flash unit to our collection. Many of the lesser known accessories from Yashica often go unnoticed and become a bit mysterious.

We were lucky to find an almost complete set from around 1962 or so (could be earlier). I believe we’re only missing the instruction booklet and a few minor (but desirable) plastic bags. The box and styrofoam inserts are in excellent condition. The flash works perfectly and more than likely is unused (as is often the case). Image number 3 is from a Japanese Yashica-Mat EM instruction booklet. There are some differences between ours and the one pictured. One has a coiled cord vice a straight cord and the attachment bar and knobs are black vice silver with gray knobs on ours.


Complete set from around 1962 (or a bit earlier). Takes 8 AA batteries to fire this thing up!


PRO 40 Quick-Lite attached to our 1964 EM.


From a Japanese instruction booklet for the Yashica-Mat EM.


Front view of the flash. The flash diffuser is still bright and clear.


Rear cover for the PRO 40 flash. It is made from metal while most of the remainder of the unit is plastic.

Pentamatic II Brochure

We finally have our proof that the original Pentamatic ’35’ and the Pentamatic II were advertised and sold in the Japanese domestic market. This brochure is dated February 1961 which validates the general release date of the model II. We have proof (via advertisements and brochures) that the Pentamatic S was also available for sale in Japan towards late 1961 (September?). By the way, included is this photo stream is a nice aerial view of Yashica’s factory complex in Suwa, Nagano Prefecture.

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