More Tomioka…


Taking lens on the Pigeonflex. Uses full name Tomioka Opt. Co.

More Tomioka branded lenses. Tomioka Optical Co., Ltd. taking lens (above image) on the Pigeonflex. Yashima’s first ever TLR before becoming Yashima Flex.

(Below images)… This is the taking lens (on the bottom) and the viewing lens on our Yashima Flex TLR. The Yashima Flex is the first camera to carry the Yashima name. This example is from very late 1953 to early 1954. The Tomioka Tri-Lausar name would soon be removed from all future Yashima (later Yashica) TLRs.


Both lenses on the Yashima Flex. Simply Tomioka.


Taking lens on the Yashima Flex. Simply just Tomioka.