Yashica’s ‘Sailor Boy’

Yashica’s ‘Sailor Boy’ advertising doll made by Modern Plastics of Japan in 1962. This guy is the large 20cm Yashica dealer store display model.


Beautifully detailed by talented craftspeople.

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Neat Little Find

A quick note about the Yashica Pentamatic and the beauty of their serial numbers. I found this camera listed for sale in Japan recently. It appears that Yashica may have been selling the Pentamatic in their home market earlier than most people thought (including myself) and may have released the Pentamatic in the United States and elsewhere sooner than commonly thought. My rational is that it’s not likely that this particular Pentamatic was sold in the U.S. and then made its way back to Japan during its lifetime. Possible yes but unlikely.

JN Pentamatic SN 16000375

Very early Yashica Pentamatic. The serial number (No. 16000375) decodes to… 1 = Jan / 60 = 1960 / 00375 = 375th body produced. Production did begin at the Yashica factory complex in early December 1959 with a very slow run-up to full production. This serial number would indicate that even by sometime in January 1960, fewer than 500 units were made. At its peak, the Pentamatic was rolling off the assembly line at an average of just under 1,300 units per month by the summer of 1960.