Custom Presentation Box for the Tower Type-3… 1953


1953 Tower (Nicca Camera Co.) Type-3 35mm Rangefinder with custom box.

This custom designed box is based on original Tower (Nicca) designed presentation boxes of the early to mid 1950s. The leather case, which is the original from 1953 was reconditioned – the leather was gently cleaned with saddle soap, some loose stitches were properly glued to prevent further separation and the felt interior of the case was also gently cleaned and refreshed. The case hinged flap had become separated so another piece of leather was attached and it’s as good as new. The entire case was conditioned to bring out the vintage patina.


The 64 year old leather looking great with a wonderful brown color.


Looking fine after six decades.

As collectors, Carol and I enjoy restoring vintage cameras and when necessary, reconditioning the often neglected leather cases. We love camera sets that include the original boxes, but when they’re not available we like designing custom boxes based on original designs and colors.

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Chris and Carol

3 thoughts on “Custom Presentation Box for the Tower Type-3… 1953

  1. It’s great that you guys design custom boxes for your cameras. And you certainly seem to have an amazing set of perfectly preserved old cameras. Just curious, how many do you actually have in your collection?

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    1. Thanks Anneli… We’ve been extremely lucky to collect some very interesting cameras and related accessories over the years through trades and purchases. Yes at times it’s a bit overwhelming as we don’t have the proper space to display them. You know, I’ve never counted them but I would guess at “only” around 50 or so. Since we concentrate on Yashica, there aren’t many hyper-rare models so our budget doesn’t take a big hit.
      What we enjoy the most is taking marginal cameras (and a few hopeless ones too) and restoring them back to usability and in some instances, customizing the ones that most people would throw away.
      As we get older, we realize that we can’t “catch ’em all” so we’ve focused on the more interesting ones in the model line-ups.

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      1. That’s wonderful! I have three cameras that I’d consider “old” (although none of my cameras, including digital, are still being manufactured, and only one of my lenses is, so I guess they’re all kind of old) and they have all seen better days looks-wise, but are still perfectly usable. I’m too afraid to do more damage than good by trying to restore them to their original glory :).

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