Yashica J-7 …1966 / update 1

The last in Yashica’s “J” series of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras. These wonderful cameras carried Yashica through the dynamic changes in 35mm photography during that decade.

The J-7 is not a common camera. We don’t have a feel for the amount of sales for this model. The Yashica TL Electro-X was on the horizon – the J-7 was the last of the old technology bodies. Soon thru-the-lens (TTL) metering would turn things around for Yashica.

Here’s a photo essay of this classic and classy camera…



Yashica J-7 35mm SLR film camera. The last of the ‘Penta J’ series of cameras from Yashica. The J-3, J-4, J-5 and then the J-7. All were well-designed heavyweights… lots of brass and glass. No TTL metering.


Also of note is that this is the first time that Yashica lists “Yashica Trading Co., Ltd.” at its Jingumae, Shibuya-ku headquarters. The J-7 was the last of the “J” series and the TL-Super was Yashica’s first TTL exposure metered 35mm SLR.

There are two slight variations on the TL-Super. Version 1 is shown here. Look closely at the film advance lever… it is all silver very similar to the J-3. On the Version 2 of the TL-Super the lever is very similar to the later TL-Electro X with part of the lever silver and the rest black plastic.


CdS light meter sensor “window”.



Rare complete set with the original box.


The J-7 is about as hard to find (in nice condition) as the J-4. The J-5 and J-3 being the most common. Each model makes a very fine camera to get into film photography with as most average (working) bodies going for well less than $50. Since the Yashica uses the universal M42 screw-in lens mount, there’s a whole world of outstanding lenses to choose from and not break the bank.

Good luck!

Chris and Carol ^.^



2 thoughts on “Yashica J-7 …1966 / update 1

  1. Chris – the Yashica J series cameras have an M42 lens mount, but the earlier models, at least, use the film to mount register of “Edixa” cameras. This means, that if you fit a Pentax lens, it screws in past the 12 oclock position, to the 2 oclock position. Non Yashica long focal length lenses may not focus correctly to infinity. Ivor Matanle covered this in an article on Yashica cameras in the Amateur Photographer magazine, in April 2004.

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    1. Thanks John. Very good point. I’ll have to check out that article. I believe most M42 screw-in lenses will work just fine with the “J” series from Yashica. I know my Fujinon lenses work well but I don’t have any AP lenses so I’m somewhat limited.
      As always, many thanks for your comments… I learn something new every day!


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