Serious Photography!


If you’re a regular reader (or curious visitor) you’ve hopefully picked up that we (Chris & Carol) enjoy sharing images of cameras that have crossed our paths over these many years. You may have also noticed that while we post countless images of cameras, lenses and what not, we’re not overly technical when it comes to photo gear. We’re not going to “beat you over the head” with needless specs of the gear we share – just (hopefully) good imagery of the wide-world of  photography.

With that said, we’d like to share an image of a camera that never fails to make us smile –


Our son Timothy’s first (and only) camera – a Pikachu 35mm with genuine Pokemons inside! Tim just loved this camera and it’s an important part of our collection still.


As always, many thanks for your visit. We hope it made you smile – after all, that’s what photography is all about…

Chris & Carol and Pikachu and Ash too!

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