Yashica Half 17 – Classic mid 1960s design

Many thanks to our friend and fellow blogger Peggy at Camera Go Camera for sending us this wonderful classic Yashica. It needs a little work on the slower shutter speeds but it’s super clean and a fun sized camera to boot. We look forward to running a roll through it soon.


Being a half frame 35mm camera means that you can get up to 72 exposures from a standard 36 exposure film cartridge!


One of the more unique and modern looking Yashica logos. We like it better than the western style font that Yashica used for years.


Certainly a nice camera to add any collection of 1960s 35mm cameras. It has such smooth lines and an exceptionally nice finish to the satin chrome.

Studio Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W


13 thoughts on “Yashica Half 17 – Classic mid 1960s design

    1. It is a sweet little camera. I found an instruction booklet for it so now it’s all ‘official’! I’m still working the shutter almost everyday to see if that helps with the slow shutter speeds. Another trick is to leave it on a windowsill in our bright Florida sunshine and warm up the ancient lubricants and see if that loosens the shutter a bit.
      Your package should be in the UK now. I show delivery confirmation as of 1PM today.


      1. That’s a good trick to know, I will try that next time. I will be in the uk on 8th so I will check out the surprise then.

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  1. It’s also a great way to loosen leatherette to make it easier to peel off (hair dryer works too but that’s no fun)! and it’s a good way to kill fungus on your lens (doesn’t make it go away but makes it dead). I read that it can also get rid of the yellow (amber) tint on Asahi Pentax (Takumar) lenses. And, provides a healthy dose of vitamin D.
    Have a safe trip!!! ^.^


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