Jags Win! Jags Win! Dilly Dilly!

The Big Cats, the Jacksonville Jaguars, beat the Steelers AGAIN on their home turf… twice in the same season for the second time in Jaguars history!


The Jags never trailed in this game! Good on ya guys! Now on to the Patriots in New England next Sunday!

Hello Kitty! ^.^



4 thoughts on “Jags Win! Jags Win! Dilly Dilly!

      1. Take them out please. I have Brady fatigue. By the way, I’ve heard rumblings that the Jags may be interested in drafting my guy Lamar Jackson? I’d be ok with that…but Bortles might not be. 😃

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  1. He may not be where Jacksonville picks but you never know. The Jags need to finally get over their Brady and the Patriot hurdle. So far we’re 1-3 against them in the playoffs with a loss in the AFC Title game in the 1996-1997 season. It’s our time! lol


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