Pentax IQ Zoom 105WR – Weather Resistant 35mm Compact Camera

Are you looking for a compact 35mm camera with a powerful 2.8x electronic zoom (38-105mm) and the ability to be able to plunk this camera into water, sand, snow, and mud? Of course you are!

Too many compact 35mm film cameras have to be babied – can’t take them out in the rain, snow or down to the beach and definitely a no-go for white water rafting! Not so for this super tough compact from Pentax!


The gray portion of the body is a rubberized grip which makes this fun compact easy to use when it’s wet. A powerful 38-105mm Pentax zoom lens with zoom macro is super sharp.

This camera is brand new, never used but fully tested by us – the complete set is still new in its original boxes with all paperwork including the operating manual!

This camera is guaranteed by us to be ready to use right out of the box! Just add film and your creativity!


One of the more sophisticated 35mm compacts of the late 1990s, this Pentax features a 5-point multi autofocus system, auto exposure, power zoom lens with zoom macro, power winding, and multi-mode flash with red-eye reduction.


This Pentax features a large true view viewfinder and big LCD. Easy to operate controls even when your hands are wet or gloved. The date/time feature is super easy to set and we’ve even installed a new lithium button battery to power that function.


This set includes a brand new Pentax soft case to protect your IQ Zoom 105WR while traveling.


Some of the many outstanding features of this fine camera. Still made by Asahi Optical too!


Also features an adjustable diopter eyepiece with an easy to use thumbwheel – something not normally found on a camera of this type. The on-off switch is easy to grip and the camera switches easily to the panorama mode.


Easy loading and positive closure of the film back to seal out water, sand, snow, and mud!

This wonderful camera set is available through our online store at

If you’re looking at trying your hand at film photography then this is a perfect camera to start off with. If you’re getting back into film photography then you’ll be satisfied with what this camera can do for your creative spirit.

Thanks for your visit and we think you will be surprised at the great price we have it listed for. All of the cameras we sell are guaranteed to work right out of the box! We’ve installed brand new Panasonic batteries in this one – just add your 35mm film and you’re good to go!

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