WPC: Unlikely

This week’s assignment – Unlikely

It’s “unlikely” that these two people are related but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to the one on the right!


collage witches

Margaret Hamilton (left) was an acclaimed actress and is best known for her wonderful (and super scary!) portrayal¬†of the Wicked Witch of the West – A heartless person consumed by hate, greed, and self-promotion. Dana Loesch (right) is kinda an actress too and is best known for her mean and wicked comments about the students from MSD High School in Florida. One is a fake witch and the other… well.

We support Ms. Loesch’s right to voice her opinions concerning gun control and gun ownership. We do not agree however with anything she’s EVER said about private ownership of assault weapons as it is tainted by the big bucks she receives from her employer – the NRA. To watch her “perform” is truly scary!

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Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport Terminal – under construction

Another update on our new airport terminal here on Amelia Island which is nearing completion and is scheduled for a mid-June opening. Lots of activity going on today with exterior painting, grading of the parking lots and what not.



If you haven’t been following this construction project previously, the building is designed to resemble an F4U Corsair fighter plane from WWII. The “tail, canopy and propeller cowling” will be added soon. Stay tuned.

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