Pirate – Everyone’s Kitty

So sad to announce the passing of a neighborhood legend – Pirate aka, Andy Panda, Shamu, Pi Pi, Pirate de Cat, Old Man, and dozens of other names, died this morning at the age of around 17 (guessing). He walked into our lives on a brutally hot summer day back in 2003 and immediately adopted us. We fell in love with this sweet little fuzz ball. Lindsay and Tim came up with his name since he “looked” like a Pirate.

Everyone loved him – even the dogs in the neighborhood (who learned to keep their distance BTW) liked Pi… dog people even commented that he was the only cat that they liked. He was way too trusting and loved to be petted by any stranger (that’s why we made sure he was always inside during Halloween and anytime fireworks were going off).

He will be deeply missed by all. ^.^


2013-07-28 09.39.48




As my daughter just texted “there will never be another Pirate – he was special”.

Peace to my little buddy. ^.^