Another Unlikely Photograph

We felt compelled to submit another image for consideration for this week’s photo challenge – Unlikely

Sometimes the most “unlikely” locations provide the best opportunities for a great photograph.

20180424_115431 (3) logo

Silhouettes, shadows, and a bit of mystery.

The light was perfect for only a brief moment – the sun reflected off a car’s windshield in just the right way to illuminate the ceiling of the Outback restaurant we were dining at. I grabbed my phone and was lucky to capture this wonderful image.

Another version below but with an extreme crop and no color shift.

20180424_115431 (2) logo

The original uncropped version below.

20180424_115431 logooo

You can see why this original view inspired me to take the image in the first place. I could see the final, cropped version in my head (in monotone too).

My favorite image is the top one. I think I have the crop and tone just right. What do you think? Which is your favorite?

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