Canon F-1 vs. Nikon F

Two 1970s heavyweights battle it out (well sort of).

canon f1 vs nikon f

The Canon is from 1978 and the Nikon is from 1972. To me, the clear winner is the F-1. It’s a more robust camera body and the Canon FD lenses are as good as if not better than the Nikkors. Besides, you have to remove the entire baseplate and back (they are one unit) to be able to load film – not the easiest of things to do while bouncing around in a small boat or a safari vehicle. Just sayin’.

f1 v f

Which camp are you? Canon or Nikon? Or Olympus or Minolta?

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8 thoughts on “Canon F-1 vs. Nikon F

  1. I learned on a Minolta SLR when I was a kid, and loved it. But I’ve been a Nikon guy ever since. Honestly, can’t go wrong with either Canon or Nikon, but I prefer the feel and weight and lenses of Nikon/Nikkor.

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    1. My first 35mm SLR was a Yashica TL Electro X and my second was the Canon F-1. Some of my very best photographs have come out of that Canon. The F-1 just feels like an extension of myself.

      Speaking of weight (were we?) – the F-1 as pictured weighs 823 grams and the F weighs 688 grams. That’s about 5 ounces difference. More metal?

      But the Canon vs. Nikon debate is one of the greatest debates in all of photography and it will go on forever! Thanks for your comments and input!

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  2. I have actually never had the opportunity to play with a Film Nikon or Canon Camera. I always use Pentax since I got a BARGIN in a charity shop with my first Pentax ME Super.

    I have however played with both a Nikon and Canon Digital of the same price and I prefer Nikon for its fast and accurate autofocus. The layout of the camera was also nicer for me. Maybe this would translate to my opinion of the film versions to! I do one day hope to be able to afford a Nikon F2, I have heard wonderful things about it.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I hope you do too. I too have heard wonderful things about the F2 but I wouldn’t trade away my F-1 for it. If you look online at the auction sites you’ll see more than a few F2 Photomics for sale with inop DP-1 “heads”. I believe Canon’s design for metering with the F-1 was more reliable. Having said that would I turn down a working F2 or F2S? No way!


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