The Yashica 44 – A ‘Tiny’ TLR

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The 44 uses 127 roll film


The easier to handle Yashica 44 TLR (4×4 cm negatives and slides vice 6×6 cm) from early 1959 or so. The leatherette is “dove gray” while the metalwork is “machinery gray”. Yashica made these in about 8 different colors if you count black as a color. From the look of this sales brochure, the 44 was designed with women in mind as an alternative to the bulky and unstylish 66 models that were in use. Many of the Japanese ads from that period feature stylish modern women posing with their new cameras.

This camera has managed to travel to the present in a rather nice condition and the original light gray leather case is intact as is the original box. Many thanks to the good people at the factory in Shimosuwa for their good design and quality construction.


A sales brochure from 1959

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The 44’s colorful original box hints at the wide variety of colors available (although not quite these colors).

Yashica also made the 44 LM which featured a built-in exposure meter (light meter) which you can read about here.

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