Tabletop Studio

I’ve been using a simple to build and simple to use tabletop studio for years. Recently (about 6 months ago) I upgraded my lighting by using two portable battery powered LED lights vice the multi-light fluorescent system I was using. No wires!


The lights are powered by standard rechargeable “Sony” type camcorder batteries that give me about 2 hours of light at 100%. The lights are dimmable.


Mounted on 2 mini tripods the lights are easy to move around and because of their light weight, I often hand hold one to get just the right amount of light exactly where I need it.


Made by Fotodiox – Model LED 312D


312 LED lights


Finished product. With very limited post-processing necessary I’m able to process a bunch of images quickly.  My Fujifilm X-A10 is set to the light’s temperature (5,600K) so there’s little for me to adjust on the final image.

I purchased the lights directly from Fotodiox and I believe I got both with shipping for around $300. (prices vary) The lights come with cases for safe transport for location shooting, 4 batteries total, 2 chargers, and some light diffusers and a daylight filter.

I’m happy with the setup but I do need a third light for filling in the background a bit better and for more even lighting when photographing larger subjects.

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In the Shop – Canon New F-1 Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Edition

New in my shop today is this awesome Canon New F-1 with AE Finder FN, Canon FD 50mm f1.8 Lens and the Official 35mm Camera of the 1984 Olympic Games Lens Cap (plus all boxes, straps, caps, instruction booklets, warranty cards).

This is the first time that this set has been offered for sale and it’s in nearly perfect cosmetic condition and in 100% fully working (tested) condition.

The best Canon SLR to come out of the early 1980s – by far!


The Canon New F-1 with AE Finder FN is a professional camera that combines a balance between the electronic and mechanical worlds – its electromechanical hybrid shutter provides greater overall accuracy and a wider range of shutter speeds. If the battery fails, you can continue shooting at any of the high speeds or B, all of which are mechanically controlled. A new Energizer battery has been installed and all metering features have been tested. Shutter speeds range from B to 1/2000.


Complete set including the special New F-1 camera strap.

The AE Finder FN is for aperture-priority AE. Full manual exposure control is still possible. Three types of metering are possible – Center-weighted Average Metering, Selective-area Metering, and Spot Metering.


The camera is in mint minus condition as there are a few marks on the baseplate where the motor drive was attached. The remainder of the body, the optics, and the lens are in full mint condition. Two rolls of film have been used with flawless results.


The body serial number, LA 8541 matches the original paperwork from Canon. The lens serial number 7200857 matches its paperwork too. The camera body date code is Y227 which is 1984 and the lens is Y116 which is also 1984. This is a newer model in the LA Olympics run which I believe finished around 9500.


The AE Finder FN removed showing the focusing screen AE installed.


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Canon New F-1 AE Finder Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Edition 35mm SLR Camera Set with Canon FD 50mm f1.8 Lens

Complete set from 1984 - Canon's Limited Special Edition 1984 LA Olympics camera and lens set. In nearly full mint condition just off new. It's been fully tested and all systems are fully operational! Please take the time to check out the many detailed pictures I've provided in this post (on the blog) and in my shop at Additional pictures are available upon request. I'll mail this gorgeous set anywhere in the US FOR FREE via USPS Priority Mail and I'll ship worldwide with some exceptions. Please contact me first for an international shipping quote. Thanks, Chris



The power of trees

On December 30th of last year, our river maples in the front yard were in full-color bloom –


December 30, 2018

On March 5th the leaves are starting anew –


March 5, 2019

You see leaves but what you’re really witnessing is the raw power of a tree. In less than sixty days the old leaves fell and new leaves established themselves.


These two river maples were started from seeds from other maples in our backyard – we transplanted them at about the two-year point in their lives. They should add some significant height this year as we’ve had a super wet Winter so far.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy S8+

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Please respect that all content, including photos and text, are the property of this blog and its owner, Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic, Yashica Sailor Boy, Yashica Chris.

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