F4U Corsair Model at the Fernandina Beach Airport Terminal

I finally got the chance to check out the Corsair reproduction that hangs in the airport terminal building here on Amelia Island. The terminal was completed late in 2018 and represents a significant upgrade to the facilities that it replaced. Well done to all involved!


The Corsair was flown by the US Navy and Marines in the Pacific theater of operations during the latter stages of WWII and enjoyed a reputation that was second to none.


The Corsair was powered by a super powerful Pratt & Whitney engine.


lobby logo

The main lobby before the addition of the Corsair.

20180820_202048 logo

The terminal building is designed to evoke a WWII F4U Corsair fighter-bomber.

Thanks for stopping by and if you find yourself anywhere near northeast Florida make time to stop and visit our unique airport terminal.

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My Dad Paul – Celebrating the 105th Anniversary of his Birth

I never stop thinking about him… the tall guy in the back, that’s my Dad back in 1963. The manager of my AAA Little League team. He was always with me, teaching, guiding, and loving me.                                                     Paul – Mar 7, 1914 to Nov 22, 1963


My Dad’s brother (my Uncle Billy) is pictured on the far left back row. On the far left in the first row is my cousin Larry and I’m directly behind him with my hat pulled down low. We all had such great times playing ball almost every day of our lives!

Levittown, Long Island, New York 1963

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris