Happy SUNday! – Mickey Mouse Camera

Carol and I enjoy collecting interesting cameras from all over the world and we’re die-hard Disney fans too. So combining the two has always been fun for us.

The original Fuji DL-7 was released in Japan in April 1987 – the Fuji DL-7 Mickey Mouse in November 1987. The “DL” meant drop-in film loading. There were over thirty cameras in the popular Fuji DL series.


Here’s a Hi! Mickey! 35mm point and shoot camera set from Fuji Photo Film Company. The camera is a Fuji DL-7 with some enhancements from Disney.


Mickey’s smiling face acts as a sliding lens cover for the Fujinon f/8 35mm 3 element lens. When closed it locks the shutter button. Fujifilm / Fuji has enjoyed a long relationship with the Walt Disney Company and there have been more than a few Mickey Mouse cameras over the years.

mickey dl7 brochure



As we continue to downsize our camera collection we’re offering this wonderful set in our camera shop at http://www.ccstudio2380.com

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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