Mystery Meter by Yashica

My friend Graham has a wonderful collection of Yashica and Contax cameras, lenses and gear. His Flickr page can be found at

Recently Graham acquired a previously unknown exposure meter from what appears to be the 1960s.

***News Flash*** Please see new information at the end of this post!

Graham’s beautiful mystery meter shown mounted on a Yashica YE
Top view
Front view of the meter shown mounted on a Yashica Reflex 35 J

Although this meter has a shoe for mounting on a camera’s accessory shoe its long strap indicates that it also was designed to be worn around the neck and used as a hand held meter. It’s a CdS meter which requires a 1.3 v battery. Graham states the meter is fully functional!

My question to my readers. Has anyone seen a meter like this with Yashica markings? It has no model number and we haven’t found it in any sales brochure from that era. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Another view of this lovely meter and camera

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All images curtesy of Graham Buxton-Smither.

***New Info***

It appears that this Yashica branded meter is the same as a Kuribayashi Petri ELEX model M-302.

ELEX branded exposure meter

2 thoughts on “Mystery Meter by Yashica

    1. Hi Phil,
      Yes, I agree that the Kopil and the Petri meters look very similar if not exactly the same. The general feeling is that camera makers like Yashica and Petri did not make their own meters and that a regular meter maker made them with their branding. I don’t know enough about Kopil at the moment. What we’re looking for is a sales brochure or catalog that has them in it so we can assign a date as to when they were made. It appears that they were mostly in the UK and Europe. Maybe an old Photax catalog might offer some clues.


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