Rare State of the Union images of Reagan by Eastman Kodak – 1987

Until I was asked to sell these framed images by a client I never realized just how uncommon (rare?) pictures of the State of the Union were. Google it and you’ll find virtually nothing. They’ll be some screen grabs from C-Span and a stray shot here and there but these types of images (seen below) are just not there.

From a historical point of view, President Reagan addressing the 100th Joint Session of Congress was pretty significant as it marked a major milestone in our country’s history and the history of our style of government.

Vice-President George Bush (left) and Speaker of the House Jim Wright sit behind Reagan.

Some background as it was passed on to me by my client. These images were photographed by professional Kodak photographers who were given exclusive access to document the address to Congress on that historic night. The Kodak photogs worked out of the Georgetown offices of Kodak during the 1980s. Only a few of these special edition images were ever produced (I believe only six) and none were released to the public or press. This special set was presented to and owned by a now-retired Kodak executive that worked at the White House during the Reagan and Bush administrations. These are original color prints made from the negatives as I understand it, the negatives were given to the White House historian.

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