Happy SUNday! – Classic Asahi Pentax K1000

Happy day all, thanks for stopping by! Today I have a very nice early model Asahi Pentax K1000 from the late 1970s. One of the longest-running 35mm SLRs ever made. I find it rather compact compared to other cameras from the same period so it’s a little hard for me to get a good comfortable hold on the body. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good camera but I tend to like a bigger body especially on the right side where I usually grip the camera. Its simple design and rugged reliability are its claim to fame (low cost too).

I’ve just listed this in my online camera shop yesterday and it just sold to a client in Finland! My Etsy Shop (www.ccstudio2380.com) has a tremendous worldwide appeal which I’m most appreciative of. It’s fun to think that cameras that have been a part of my collection can end up finding a new home almost anywhere on Earth (that’s the best part of online selling). I had a vintage Japanese-made auxiliary viewfinder from the 1950s end up going back to Japan last week from my eBay site – cool!

Here is the Asahi Pentax K1000

Includes a gorgeous Asahi Optical Company SMC Pentax-M f2 50mm lens and instruction booklet from 1981.
Simple layout and easy-to-use controls.
Engraved Asahi Opt. Co. on the right rear top plate.
An early serial number indicated it was made in Japan. Interestingly the lens has been made in Taiwan.

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