Canon EOS 50D – finally an affordable 15-megapixel DSLR

I get a big kick out of collecting these late 2000’s DSLRs from makers like Canon and Nikon. Prices for gently used models are quite reasonable and the supply is literally endless. Of course, you want to look for cameras with a relatively low shutter count but since these were semi-pro models they could take some rough use and still enjoy a long life due to their robust build.

The King on his throne.
Yep, expect old-fashioned CF cards in these beasts. Wow, 128MB!
How many cameras look exactly like this? Looks normal doesn’t it?
I managed to get this many images before disaster!

Then this screen appeared after the mirror failed to return to its proper position which is down. Yep, the locked up and then this. I kind of knew this model was prone to this but I bought this camera from a local client who had purchased it new. It has about 16K shutter accusations (young for this model). When I was testing it this hadn’t appeared yet so I bought it along with a nice (I hope) flock of Canon EF lenses.

The dreaded Err 30 message.

In order to get the mirror back into its shooting position (down) I have to turn off the camera, remove the lens, turn it back on and fire the shutter. The mirror then resets itself for the next failure which will be right after the next shot… then repeat over and over again. There may be a way to reset the camera’s brain but I haven’t discovered it yet. I’ve tried four different EF lenses (3 Canons and 1 Sigma) with no change. The last firmware update was in 2012 or so and no help from that update either.

Lesson learned – none really as I know that as these older (2008) digital cameras age all sorts of glitches can happen no matter how well designed. I still enjoy collecting from this period and one “bad” experience won’t turn me off. Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day! – Chris

Comments are always welcomed as I’ve learned quite a bit from reader feedback. As always, thanks for stopping by and while you’re at it, feel free to visit my camera shop at (CC Design Studios hosted by Etsy). – Chris Whelan

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