The often underappreciated Canon T70

One of Canon’s little gems! The T70 (1984) was a giant leap forward for Canon and for the entire 35mm camera industry. Coming off the success of the Canon ‘A Series’, the T70 (yes there was a T50 first but the T70 blew it away) was a giant departure from the norms established by Canon. Firstly, it didn’t look like any previous Canon SLR – distinctive style and color, built-in winder, multiple program AE exposure and two metering modes. If you wanted to add a data back, then Canon had a Command Back 70 ready to go.


This one is from April 1984… still, in our opinion, one of the neatest Canons of all time!

The rubberized right hand grip made the body super easy to hold and the incorporated power winder made manually advancing film a thing of the past. The ‘T’ bodies accepted all of Canon’s FD lenses without exception. Mated with the Canon FD (N) 50mm f/ 1.8 lens made the T70 a rather compact and user friendly camera.


Simple layout and clean design.


Optional accessory – the Command Back 70 replaced the often bulky data backs found on the F-1 and A-1. This one can date images until the year 2029! Of note – the common fault with these data backs are you’ll often find that the LCD will sometimes “bleed” the LC in the display. This one, for whatever reason, has escaped that fault.

If you want a great, and we mean great 35mm film camera to use, then by all means find a good T70 and fire away.


One of our all time favorites from Canon.

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Chris and Carol ^.^



5 thoughts on “The often underappreciated Canon T70

  1. I have one and despite the fact that it is f…ugly I must say that it fits nicely in the hand.

    I have yet to wield it in anger but I’ll do so very soon. It’s a very capable camera with the great Canon metering and the newer metal shutter….

    I have a T50 too and it’s the perfect point and shoot with interchangeable lenses.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more! I love the distinct ‘motor drive’ sound too. So 1980s!
      You’re right, the shutter was a big improvement too. Great camera and the AE more times than not took a good exposure. On par with the A-1.

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