Amboseli N.P., Kenya 1979


Mount Kilimanjaro as seen from Amboseli N.P., Kenya.

After endless weeks and months at sea (Indian Ocean), my U.S. Navy ship arrived in the port city of Mombasa, Kenya for a bit of ‘liberty’. As a Sailor on government pay (1979) there would have been no way I would have been able to go on a photographic safari in Africa – I might have had a better chance at going to the moon. But along with a few of my shipmates we were able to afford (with the Navy’s help), to get out of Mombasa (a good thing) and see sights we might never had the chance to see otherwise. It was November 1979 – just a few days before the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and more endless days, weeks and months at sea for me and about 25,000 other U.S. Navy Sailors.

I traded one distant horizon at sea for another on land – no contest. I can say that my two days touring Amboseli made up for two months at sea (well almost).

These images are but a few from the dozens that I have still need to scan. The film used was Kodak Kodachrome 25 and 64 shot with my trusty Canon F-1 (1978 version) and Canon’s FD lenses.


Kilimanjaro from our VW safari bus. Canon FD 80-200mm f/ 4 lens at 200mm and a bit of cropping.


This image was taken from outside the ‘safety’ of our VW bus. Billions of mosquitoes kept me from wandering too close to this beautiful elephant. 


Amazing animals… not much more to say.


The exposure was off a tad but elephants and Kilimanjaro are not an easy capture!


Maasai tribesmen giving me his ‘best’ hunters pose. He was a pretty funny guy and we hung out for a bit until an elder butted in and wanted in on the action (cigarettes for poses).


I know I say this almost every time I post travel pics from the ancient days – if you ever get the chance to travel to Kenya and Tanzania on a photo safari then jump on it!

Thanks for your visit!


3 thoughts on “Amboseli N.P., Kenya 1979

  1. Beautiful images! I lived in South Africa for three months in 2004 doing research for my master’s thesis. While there, I rented a car and went on a little trip around South Africa and visited many parks (including Kalahari) where, at that time at least, you were able to drive around in your own car to see all the animals. It was amazing. I took a lot of photos – with an awful 1mp digital camera. They are all on an old computer that died. One day I’ll try to retrieve them from that hard drive, hopefully.

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    1. Thank you Anneli! What a wonderful story. Too bad about the images being trapped on that computer. Sounds like you were able to get really close to the animals and I bet your pictures were awesome. I never made it to South Africa – I did work with a group of South Africans at a resort hotel here on the island. From their stories I could tell it was a troubled but beautiful country.

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      1. I got close enough to almost get bitten by a cobra, and, based on how close the animal sounds were, I must have been no more than about 20 – 30 feet away from a Leopard and some hyenas at 11pm in total darkness I was looking for a campsite in Great Fish National Park, a park that I’m guessing nobody has ever heard of, and the campsite turned out to be completely overgrown and had probably not been used for decades. Needless to say, I ended up staying at a nearby hotel that night. It was one of the scariest nights of my life. But wonderful memories overall. South Africa is an amazingly beautiful country, but yes, very troubled. Apartheid had ended when I was there, but the aftermath was not pretty either. The generosity and kindness shown toward me by the people who had been oppressed for decades by others of my skin color was something I’ll never forget though. The whole trip was a lifechanging experience for me.

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