Finding the Magic Kingdom!

While recovering some lost images from my now deceased hp laptop, I came across these pics that I’m somewhat proud of. Why? Because taking pictures in Disney World is not easy. How many times can you take the same shot over and over? How do you look at something that you’ve seen hundreds of times and still find an interesting point of view? How do you make the thousands of people “go away”?

Here’s some examples –


Cindy’s Castle from behind. A tight crop in the camera while pointing it nearly straight up with a wide angle lens. A dramatic sky helps too.


No peeps view! I had to wait until the last person cleared the bridge. I like the sky in this one too and it’s shot from a Tomorrowland viewpoint.


While driving (slowly) I held the camera out the driver’s side window… no they wouldn’t let me get out of the car to take this shot. How many times have I driven under that sign and wanted to take a picture???


Another tight crop in the camera while holding the camera over my head to make the people go away. Gorgeous day too!


Hi Megan!!!


Green means we’re in!




Crazy contrast! And yes the sky was that blue!!!


Not so haunting.


Yes it is – but an expensive one.


I’m thinking “UP”!


We’ve always seen a face.


Almost golden.


Time to go…

Thanks for hanging with us!

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W170

Chris and Carol

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